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Knights of The Desert (pc game)
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Rommel`s North African campaign and stackable hexes

While released in 83, this game had a major surprise that added a lot to the classic hex based wargame feel of it: within one hex you can hide multiple units, which means that you can have a lot more fire power in one very small portion of the screen, which, also, is a great opportunity for movement, and other tactical options. At any rate, the game offers a very satisfying and relatively historically accurate WWII campaign, that targets Rommel's dessert of Africa campaign. This translates to a lot of tank based encounters, and, in part, pretty small scale battles and encounters, with very long periods in which you try to move ahead. Graphically, for a hex game, Knights of The Desert is quite alright looking, with lots of shades of sand and yellows, and the occasional sprinkle of blue, all of these colors delivered in wargaming 8bit (which I translate to better than NES consoles 8bit graphics!) and, overall, pretty well produced and pretty interesting to look at. A good real time alternative can be Desert Rats vs. Afrika Corps, similarly tank based and very playable.