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Knock-Knock (pc game)
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While it might be a far cry from survival horror classics like Alone in the Dark and Resident Evil, Knock-Knock is a superb little game that is just as terrifying and probably more inventive. It's got a wonderfully distinctive visual style, a simple but clever concept and provides plenty of shocks and scares, so if you're into indie horror, then this is well worth adding to your collection. The game finds you in control of the latest owner of an old cabin in the woods, which has served as a laboratory and home for many generations of the same family. However, you've recently been noticing some weird noises and disturbances and it appears as if something has been coming out of the woods each night and into your home. Your job now is to stay awake until dawn while maintaining your sanity, and you have to wander around the cabin while avoiding your nightmares made real. Keeping the cabin in a good state of repair will help you, so fixing it up is a good idea, while staying in the light is also advisable, although not always possible and there's a deeper secret to be uncovered, if only you can find the key. Knock-Knock really is a wonderful little game. The visual style is just perfect, with suitably creepy environments and characters, and the nightmares are superb creations. The gameplay is quite simple at first glance, but keeps you enthralled for the running time, and there are plenty of shocks to be found along the way, with some real jump moments to enjoy. It's also a difficult game which requires some real strategy to win so if you want something unusual and terrifying, this is a must play.