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Unholy mix of shooters

Kromaia takes the old-school thrills of arcade shooters like Space Invaders and blasts them into the 21st Century. It plays like a bizarre mix of Rez, Descent and Rebel Assault and provides a dizzying, and slightly confusing, experience that should prove satisfying for hardcore shooter fans. There's no real story to get in the way of the action here, unlike many similar games, and instead this one just gets straight down to the action. You're slapped down into a three dimensional environment and given almost total freedom to explore and blow stuff up. There's little to the game other than blasting merry hell out of the seemingly never ending waves of enemies which come your way, while there's the usual mix of different ships to choose from and weapons to make use of. A clever AI system adapts to how you play, so the better you do, the harder it gets, which should keep hardened genre fans happy, while there are also plenty of boss battles to enjoy if you survive. Kromaia is certainly ambitious and for the most part it's quite successful. The action is certainly intense and never lets up, requiring nerves of still and a fast trigger finger if you're going to survive. The visuals are simple but impressive, with some cool environments to venture through and which can be eye-meltingly full-on at times. There are issues though, such as the fact that the game seels itself as offering full freedom but seems to be designed as an on-rails shooter although it doesn't quite play like one, with enemies that don't attack you unless they're in your field of view. Despite this however, this remains an enjoyable addition to a crowded genre.