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Krymini (pc game)
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  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Move the blue dot
  • Grey squares
  • Pink dots line
  • Krymini pc game
  • Time
  • Score
  • Converted by Mathias Morkel
  • Black background
  • Start the game
  • Level finished
  • Everything seems to be in order
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Colored balls turn to stones puzzler!

In Krymini you have to match a color to a number of slots that the particular color can move (each one has a particular number of slots of movement assigned). When all the moves have been expended, the color ball will freeze in place and turn to stone and no more moves will be possible. Your goal with each of the stones is to move them in such a fashion so as to allow them to fill an entire field of stones, in order, so you have to calculate your moves ahead of time, so that you don't block your own way with your stones. It takes some thinking and some planning, and for easy math calculations on the fly, it's an interesting little puzzler. Graphically, Krymini is also a good game, as it is built over a 2D board and on top of that one you will move your balls as you want them moved. Therefore Krymini is a well playable game, it has all the elements that you'd want from it, it's both relaxing and engaging, and it sure is a nice addition in your collection, especially if you love games such as Skweek or Color Lines. Just don't play it in prolonged sessions, it become a little too boring a little too soon.