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Kung-Fu Master (pc game)
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  • You have to get past me, first!
  • Alright, I give up!
  • Stand aside if you don't want to die!
  • You're in my way!
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Another classic Irem title that is also available on the Irem Arcade Hits compilation, this is a simple but enjoyable slice of old-school fighting action that makes for a nostalgic good time. It combines some lovely, chunky sprites with heaps of high-kicking and punching and although it gets a little repetitive, there's no denying this is proper retro fun. The rather bizarre plot (something that is par for the course for Irem games) finds a thief named Sylvia being kidnapped by Mr. X, leaving Thomas, an expert martial artist who owns a restaurant, to step in and rescue her. This involves making his way through Mr. X's castle to the top floor while punching and kicking the living daylights out of his many henchmen who guard the way, including some pretty hefty bosses. Thomas, being a kung-fu master, can jump, kick, and punch with equal skill, while he is also able to kick flying projectiles like knives clean out of the air. Once you get to the top floor of the castle, you face off against Mr. X himself, presumably earning yourself a quick snog with Sylvia in the process. Kung-Fu Master is not really a bona fide arcade classic but it's still surprisingly entertaining, if only if short bursts. It looks kind of cool in that old-school way, even if the huge sprites are a bit on the awkward side, with nice use of color and some lovely backdrops. The fighting action isn't overly complex, requiring little more than lots of button mashing but there's still something strangely compelling about it. Perhaps one to pick up if you also have things like Renegade and Vigilante in your collection.