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Bring on the Vikings

Kyn looks like it could be an interesting addition to the action RPG genre, mixing elements of Heroes of Might and Magic, Diablo and Dungeon Siege, but which doesn't really end up being all that good. This is a shame as there are some good ideas in there but ultimately it's let down by poor writing and level design and a few other fairly significant issues. The setting is quite an interesting one, and sees you exploring a Viking world that is filled with ancient ruins, lush landscapes and towering mountains and although it certainly looks a lot like many fantasy games, there's at least a bit of originality here. The gameplay is a mix of tactical RPG and real time action, with a party system, deep combat, plenty of crafting and looting to try out and many of the other elements that you find in such games. It's all told via a mostly isometric perspective, so par for the course for the genre, while you have to make clever use of the environment in order to succeed. In its favor, Kyn does look pretty good, especially when considering its indie origins and the fact that it's made by a two man team, so you have to applaud them for actually getting the game out there. Other nice aspects include the variety of enemies which keeps the combat fresh, and there is certainly a lot of challenge here. However, the interface can be clunky at times, while the story and writing are rather dodgy and which really bring things down. There are also a lot of bugs so overall, this is one to be very wary of.