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La Mulana (2012) (pc game)
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Let's find some treasure

La Mulana is another one of those corkingly difficult Metroid/Castlevania mashup games which is hugely enjoyable but which is certainly not for the faint of heart. It packs in heaps of exploration, platforming, puzzling and action, as well as some cool old-school visuals and which together make a fine experience. The game finds you in control of an Indiana Jones/Rick Dangerous-type character who teaches archaeology and explores tombs in his spare time and who receives a letter from his long-lost father informing him of a remarkable discovery. Setting out with just his laptop and whip, our bold hero must venture into the depths of a sprawling tomb to find out just what lurks beneath. What follows is a free roaming platform adventure where you're pretty welcome to explore as you see fit, knowing that wherever you go, there's going to be traps, treasures, enemies and much more to discover. You've also got a wide range of weapons, quest items, and riddles to find, use and solve and which only adds to the fun of this already enjoyable game. La Mulana is certainly not for those players who like an easy ride and even veterans of tough games will find themselves tested here. You can expect to die a lot but if you stick with it, you'll find a hugely rewarding and entertaining game that has so much to discover in its huge levels that you'll be playing for some time. It's also got some very attractive visuals which are nice and retro but brimming with personality, with some particularly nice boss designs, and overall this is a tough but wild ride.