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Last Call (Happy Hour) (pc game)
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  • A girl, a caveman and a young boy
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Let the party begin!

Last Call is a unconventional simulation game where you play as a bartender. I guess you now what this means: preparing and mixing drinks (more than 100 different beverages, ranging from simple to complex or fancy), serving them, getting tips, engaging in conversations with your customers, and so forth. You may think this presentation seems boring or nothing special, but as you involve in the gameplay, things will get pretty fun, addictive and you will be entertained for long hours! Beside the objectives mentioned above, you will serve drinks only to those that are over 21 years old, so, this means you will check ID's. If a customer won't like a drink prepared by you, he will spit it disgustedly and will leave the bar. But, if you don't like the presence of a client, you can count of the bodyguard to take him out immediately before he can cause other inconveniences. This part will give you a good laugh, because the whole scenery is hilarious! The control is simple, and as time passes, you will have to deal with more challenges and more clients. Attention, they will become more impatient, and difficulty level will increase! You will have a lot of fun if you run your bar business in Last Call, so, I wish you an easy job and mostly, big tips! Let the party begin!