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Laxius Force (pc game)
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Fight the power

The Laxius series isn't one of the best-known RPG franchises around but titles such as Laxius Power and Laxius Force 3 are actually pretty solid examples of the genre. The games are all made in various iterations of the RPG Maker engine so you have some idea of what to expect if you're familiar with the software but even within its limitations, these are enjoyable romps. Laxius Force is the fourth entry in the series and likes its predecessors, it's a classically style topdown RPG. The story is perhaps the games' strongest point, with its complex narrative telling how a mysterious cult wants to turn the inhabitants of the land into submissives who will do what they're told. A young hero steps into the fray, along with his sister and other characters, and together they form the Laxius Force who will bring about an end to the cult's plans. The game itself is a non-linear RPG so you're quite free to explore as you wish, while there are the usual side quests, items, NPCs and easter eggs to find and encounter. In terms of gameplay, Laxius Force certainly doesn't bring anything new to the table and it's basically the same as any other game made in RPG Maker, but if you're looking for a good tale and heaps of exploration, this delivers the goods. The narrative is surprisingly complex and involving, despite the awkwardly written dialogue. The map work is fine, with some well-crafted locations to venture around, while the traditional turn-based battles are fairly strategic. There's a lot to do and see here so if you like your RPGs old-school, this is a good bet.