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Leeds United (pc game)
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An uninspired budget soccer manager

Leeds United is a poor management game, of soccer, as you probably figured out; It's a dull game, that has budget written all over; but not only that, it's a lazy production, and even, say, if it had better overall graphics and production value, it would still not be much more, because, with this one, the design itself is pretty flawed. It's primitive, in that while it has a lot of the staples of managerial soccer games, the subsystems don't seem to communicate with one another. Thus, even if you improve your starting 11, you might find your results to still be abysmal, and you'll have a hard time figuring out why. Thus, with less feeling for your actions and overall busted graphics, Leeds United just doesn't cut it; it's a budget game that doesn't play nice, and has low quality issues throughout. Plus, it's prone to crashes, adding insult to injury, so, the best thing is to leave it be. Try Manchester United: The Official Computer Game, for instance, an ok game, not too polished either, but at least in working order.