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Legal Crime (pc game)
5 out of 5 (3 votes)
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Sleep with the fishes

Legal Crime is a little-known gem that places players in the shoes of a rising crime boss and requires them to expand their empire through fair means or foul. A far cry from Grand Theft Auto, the game is a management/strategy sim that needs careful planning rather than brute force to succeed. However, that is not to say that violence is very far away, and potential mob bosses have a small, but ever growing, band of gangsters willing to extort, bribe and of course, inflict pain on anyone who tries to stop you. You start the game with only limited resources, but by investing wisely, you will soon start to branch out and find lucrative business opportunities, such as bootlegging, prostitution and gambling. As is now typical in such games, you must use your resources wisely, spending money on training centres for your hitmen, bribes for the FBI or taking out your rivals. Taking a 3D isometric view, Legal Crime certainly isn't the flashiest game around, with fairly basic and quite blocky graphics. The many characters you will encounter, such as Mack Marantini, are given colourful portraits which add to the flavour but on the whole, the game does lack real personality in its visuals. However, gameplay is where the game scores slightly better and it is quite absorbing building up your own criminal empire, so wannabe Mafia Dons may find some fun here.