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Legend of Grimrock (pc game)
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Modern take on a classic genre

The influence of classic old-school dungeon crawler Eye of the Beholder still remains even after all these years, and clearly hangs over Legend of Grimrock. Fortunately, this is no shameless rip off though and for genre fans, this makes for a decent return to the hack and slash gameplay of yesteryear. The story revolves around the exploits of four prisoners who find themselves under threat of execution, which involves being sent to Mount Grimrock, a nasty place of ill repute. Their basic goal is to escape with their lives, making this a fairly simple game in terms of narrative, with little of the branching dialogue and complex plot lines of things like Baldur's Gate and Elder Scrolls games. Instead, the game focuses on exploration and combat, with the player starting out by creating their characters, and tooling them up with armor and weapons before moving on to the dungeon crawling part. Gameplay is largely similar to Eye of the Beholder or Dungeon Master, and involves wandering around, bashing away at monsters using the icon driven interface while searching for treasure and other such things. While it's not exactly complex, Legend of Grimrock remains a fun example of a modern take on an old-school genre. The visuals are updated nicely, with more detail and flash present than in older games like Throne of Chaos, while the combat and exploration are fairly satisfying and enjoyable. The range of weapons and monsters to battle is pretty pleasing, so on the whole, you could do worse than venture into Mount Grimrock.