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Legend of Hero Tonma (pc game)
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Adventure time

Another arcade classic from Irem, less well known than R Type and Blade Master, this is a fun little romp that is well worth seeking out if you like your platforming action resolutely old-school. It's got bags of personality, some lovely design work and provides some solid entertainment, making this a good choice for fans of things like Rastan and Ninja Spirit. As with all the great platformers, the story here requires you to venture into a dark castle in order to rescue a princess, but of course it's not going to be that easy. Your way is blocked by dozens of enemies but you can stun them by jumping on their heads or take them out with your handy little fireballs. You've got powerups to find, including one which will make your fireball bounce around, while there are also bonus items to collect, boss battles to fight and several different environments to explore, including ruins, cliffs, dungeons and of course the castle. This is one of those games which didn't get much of a look in first time around but which age has been very kind to. It's got everything you could want from a platformer, with a nice mix of exploration, jumping around, combat and even puzzles. There's a nice level of challenge too, despite the cutesy looks, so you can get yourself ready for a surprisingly lengthy adventure, with lots to discover along the way. The visuals are lovely, with some delightful enemy design work in particular, but with nice environments and good use of color throughout, so when you combine the fun gameplay with the great graphics, you have a top notch romp.