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LEGO Land (pc game)
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Let's all go to LEGO Land!

Like a junior version of SimCity or RollerCoaster Tycoon, LEGO Land is a pretty fun and entertaining way to introduce junior gamers to the delights of the city building genre. It's got all the LEGO style that you could hope for, as well as plenty of clever and innovative mechanics and which combine to make a fine experience, even for older strategy fans. The game throws you into the shoes of a new park manager and with the assistance of a bonkers professor and a sound engineer, it's your job to build up a new park which is going to blow all your customers away. The game starts out with a tutorial which introduces you to the basics of park building, and you'll learn about placing restaurants, rides and other features, all with the overall goal of making your park as accessible and fun as possible. Once the tutorial's over, you'll have a series of twelve more levels, with access to classic LEGO concepts like the Wild West and Castle, where you'll have to design your park so that it meets a certain standard. You also have the option to play in free mode, which does away with the appraisals and which is just about building your park however you want to. LEGO Land really is quite a neat little game. The LEGO concept fits perfectly with the style and thanks to the simple, slick and intuitive interface, building your park is both easy and entertaining. The appraisal system adds in an interesting element as it forces you to think carefully about your planning, while presentation and visuals are top notch, making this a great all round city builder.