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Light Crusader (pc game)
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  • Get these cows off my crops!
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  • Cleaning the cemetery
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A hero must rise

Light Crusader is another nice little RPG that blessed the Genesis/Mega Drive, despite the system not being well known for such titles, and although it's not as good as Phantasy Star IV, it's still worth adding to any collection which also includes games like Landstalker. Here, you play the role of brave Sir David, a knight in service to his king. When you're sent on a mission to discover what has happened to the townspeople of your king's brother, you soon find yourself caught up in an epic opportunity to prove your honor and bravery. To do this, you're basically going to have to explore a whole heap of dungeons and other such environments, all rendered in classic isometric fashion, while doing all the usual things like slaying monsters, searching for treasure, and even solving puzzles. It's all played out in real-time which makes for a nice change, while there's also the usual array of weapons and items to find and townspeople to chat to. Light Crusader is perhaps in the classic league of nineties RPGs but it's certainly pretty close and anyone with an interest in the genre and the period would do well to seek it out. It's a little lacking in the story department, which is a big part of the appeal of such games, but elsewhere it scores well. The real-time aspect is pleasing and gives the game a sense of excitement that turn-based games often lack, while the mix of action and puzzling is well handled. The environments get a little samey but there's some nice enemy design and some glorious nineties Mega Drive visuals to enjoy, so overall, this makes for a fun romp.