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Lilly Looking Through (pc game)
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  • You have to reach the other place
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We're off to see the forest

For a charming variation on the point-and-click genre, as typified by Monkey Island and Discworld, this lovely little adventure is well worth seeking out. It's particularly suited to younger gamers, thanks to its mix of easygoing puzzle solving, pleasant storyline and general sense of accessibility. The story is a little like the Wizard of Oz, and finds young girl Lilly playing with her brother in the forest when she gets caught up in a mighty gust of wind. It takes her deep into the forest, and armed only with a set of magical goggles which let her see back in time, she must explore the forest and save her brother from whatever fate awaits him. In gameplay terms, this is viewed as a typical point-and-click adventure, where you control Lilly through a series of hand-drawn environments, viewed from a third person perspective. You have to solve various puzzles to progress, but unlike other games, there is no inventory management here. Instead, the player must manipulate the environment, use the goggles to play around with time, or use an item found on the same screen, in order to solve the puzzles. For the most part, this is a wonderful little adventure. It's got a highly pleasing and very stylish look to it, with plenty of nice environments and characters to enjoy. Moreover, the puzzles are rarely less than enthralling to solve, being highly imaginative, clever and very satisfying to solve. The game might be a trifle on the easy side for some, as well as a bit short, but otherwise this makes for an entertaining romp.