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So manye ways in which you can die!

Damn, I guess Japanese people are really a weird bunch. In this game here, under this pretty, all girls with porcelain skin, all laughs and parties, lies a game that wants you to learn about the ways in which a person can, well, hit the bucket, haha! It's produced as a sort of adventure, but as I said, what us Europeans perceive as adventure tropes doesn't really apply for those people from across the ocean. As such, Long Live the Queen is a really unique, beautiful, but hidden deep inside is a gruesome, twisted little game that also has a unique sense of humor about itself. What can I say, try it for the graphics alone and see how the unique premise captures your attention. The weirdness is in the story told, in the interaction, in the interposition of the cute girls and the death theme and in some many other elements. Oh, and it features princesses as well. Yap, it can be a little bit kitsch, but Japanese kitsch is surely something different than what most of us expect it to be. Alternatively, well, for Americans and Europeans that can't make sense of Final Fantasy with a dose of interactive fiction, then, maybe Grim Fandango will be more like it for you.