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The Lords of Midnight (2013 Enhanced) (pc game)
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Great update to a retro classic

The original Lords of Midnight series is a set of classic strategy/RPG games from Mike Singleton that includes Doomdark's Revenge and which is highly regarded by retro fans. This enhanced version of the original game is perhaps the best way to experience it now, thanks to its subtly improved visuals and the addition of a few useful new features. The story here finds you in control of a party of four bold adventurers who must stop the forces of Doomdark as he attempts to take over the land. The basic gameplay has been left untouched, and is a mixture of strategy and RPG. You can play it in two distinct ways, one by simply trying to defeat Doomdark's army (the more strategic approach) or by stealing a moon ring (which can only be achieved by one character and which gives the game an RPG flavor). Other characters can be added to the party as you progress, each with their own abilities, while there are plenty of environments to explore and evil beasties to fight against. Lords of Midnight is undeniably a little confusing on first look and it does take a while to figure out exactly what you're supposed to be doing., thanks to some complex mechanics. However, once it all clicks, there is truly a wonderful slice of fantasy adventure to be experienced. The new visuals follow the spirit of the original but with a lot more detail and style than was previously possible. The gameplay is compelling and will keep you hooked to the end, so if you like your retro classics dressed up in a little modern flash, then this is for you.