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Lords of Midnight (pc game)
3.67 out of 5 (3 votes)
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Good rpg elements with fine graphics

It is an RPG adventure game which involves wars, strategy and a variety of other elements which makes the gameplay pretty much diverse. You will get to control two different characters in the game whose target is to destroy the power of the evil who is trying to capture the midnight through his ice power. You can set one character for managing war units and engaging in fights and battles while you can set out the other character to go for taking control of the Ice power of the evil for which he will have to go to the doom tower. You have a huge variety of action to do with your characters and you have a vast variety of landscapes and places to explore in the game. I loved the way the game goes step by step and I also love the graphics because they are very detailed in all the aspects of the gameplay. The controls in the game are also brilliant and there is no lag while the action is on. The UI is a bit hard or not well designed but is comprisable I guess. It is the gameplay and the diversity of the strategy and the things to do in the game which make it a fine game. EverQuest was among my favorites before I played this game.