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Lords of the Realm: Royal Edition (pc game)
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  • Game objectives
  • Food and Happiness
  • Lords of the Realm: Royal Edition pc game
  • The Castle
  • Raw Sienna
  • Winter
  • The Town center
  • The Blacksmith
  • Castle building
  • Rogal castle
  • Welcome to my castle
  • I need to train more guards
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Classic collection of historical strategy games

History buffs and strategy fans alike will find much to enjoy in this Royal Edition of Lords of the Realm which combines several instalments of the popular series to create a fantastic package that will entertain for hours. Sharing the common theme of medieval strategy, the various games on display here task players with conquering the land to become its leader, with success requiring a complex mix of resource management and combat tactics. Story-based campaign modes sit comfortably alongside multiplayer options and the games are notable for their historical accuracy, with real-world designs used for things like castle construction, and which really add to the games' appeal. The series benefits from being highly accessible and easy to learn, while at the same time offering the kind of depth that fans of Total War require. Combat is intense, with a wide range of well-balanced units to use and which require careful consideration of the environment to win, but if you're more into resource management, then this is equally well implemented, with tough decisions to be made but which aren't overly finicky. In terms of presentation, the games all score highly, with easy to use but detailed interfaces, while graphically they also remain quite pleasing. Although obviously dated, the graphics are simple, clean and efficient and are supported by some strong voiceover work. As a package for historical strategy fans, this is tough to beat. The real classic here is Lords of the Realm II but the others are also worth a look and all are recommended for newcomers or old hands alike.