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Lost Planet 3 (pc game)
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  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • You 're on my hard
  • Image intro
  • Paused
  • Lost Planet 3 pc game
  • In space
  • Much fog
  • Dismantle parts
  • Giant robots
  • Digging machines
  • Extra tactical read-outs
  • Destroy the monsters
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Don't get lost

Lost Planet and Lost Planet 2 were pretty decent third-person actioners which combined some well-designed science fiction environments with some epic boss fights and which made for an entertaining time. This third installment acts as a prequel to the original and while fans of the earlier games are likely to enjoy it, it comes across as a bit too middle-of-the-road to be a must play. This one finds you in control of Jim Peyton, a futuristic miner who has been sent out to a distant planet as part of Earth's desperate need for resources. You'll spend your time exploring the planet, mining and of course fighting off the very hostile aliens which inhabit the area. However, you'll also discover that the planet holds a few secrets and which lead us nicely into the events of the first game. Gameplay-wise, this is familiar stuff, being a mix of third-person exploration and shooting, although it follows the story-based nature of the first game rather than the mission-based style of the second one. The game does switch to first-person view when you're piloting your rig while there's also sidequests to pick up and complete and the usual array of upgrades to find. There's nothing overly wrong with Lost Planet 3, it's just a little too standard for its own good. The action and exploration are well integrated and there's some fun to be had from blasting away at the various nasties while discovering the secrets of the planet. The visuals are nice too, with some lovely environments but at the end of the day, there's just nothing special here.