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You are a six year old mass murderer. And the son of Satan.

You think you were a bad kid when you were young? Made a few pranks, maybe can-sprayed a building? Oh, you don't know how bad a kid can get. In this horror game,you play the most twisted, evil, murderous and creepy kid ever - the Antichrist, son of Satan himself. And you are only six years old. You are gifted with telekinesis and mind control and you have to use those gifts to create "accidents" in which you kill people and try to make sure your evil plans work out. First, you have to kill every single living person in your house, then go further on your killing spree. But, you have to be careful - you can't leave any trace of evidence of your actions, because that will destroy your plans completely. The game is ingenious in its premise and gameplay, and is both creepy and exciting as hell. It's like watching all those movies about the son of Satan, except you're it. It has fantastic and realistic graphics, with dark colors dominating. The kid's creepy as creepy goes. I have never seen such a great, scary and ingenious game. If you like horror games like Alone in the Dark, you'll love this one. Definitely recommended!