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Lumino City (pc game)
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A beautiful adventure

This is the follow up to the superb puzzler Lume, and if you're a fan of that one you'll have to pick this up too. And if you haven't played the original but enjoy artful puzzle games, do yourself a favor and grab that. This one does pick up where the first game left off, so to get the most out of this you'll need it anyway, but you'll be getting a pair of great games, so it's not bad thing. What you have here is a strikingly told and very charming story of a young girl who goes out in search of her grandfather after he was kidnapped in the previous game. As you explore the strange city in which you live, you'll find out more about your grandad and discover that he might not be as simple a man as you first thought. What follows is a puzzling adventure like no other. The whole thing is told via a stunning art style, with everything viewed on screen having originally created in paper, cardboard and glue and which is an absolute delight to behold. The characters and environments are superbly original and truly artful, with an amazing sense of personality which just leaps off the screen. Fortunately, the gameplay too is just as enthralling, with a real sense of adventure as you explore this bizarre world, and it's fun just to explore. When you add in the clever puzzles though, you have a wonderful experience, as they are so clever, inventive, and tactile that you can't help but be enthralled. They are also pretty challenging too, so don't assume that the art style means a game for kids, and overall, this is a superb game.