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Lumo - Deluxe Edition (pc game)
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Isometric is cool

Anyone who remembers those classic isometric adventure games like Head Over Heels, Batman, or the Ultimate games such as Knight Lore, will be over the moon at this modern take on the genre. This one is perhaps aimed at the younger market but even older gamers will have fun with its blend of exploration, puzzles, and adventuring, and which are drenched with some gorgeous visuals. You're in control of a cute little wziard guy who is lost in a huge dungeon. If you want to see daylight again, you'll have to make your way through more than four hundred rooms which are divided into four distinct zones. Every individual room is a puzzle in itself, with the puzzles offering a blend of timing, platforming and other such activities, and which ensures there's always something to keep you hooked. You've got mini-games to discover along with loads of secrets and hidden objects. Lumo is definitely intended for younger gamers, as evidenced by its generally simple gameplay mechanics which are easy to pick up. However, due to the sheer nostalgia value offered by its copious references to old-school games means it still offers much to retro fans. The visuals give Lumo heaps of personality while the controls are tight and responsive (on the keyboard anyway). This Deluxe Edition doesn't offer a whole heap of extras over the ordinary version, providing only the soundtrack which although cracking in itself and which adds much to the game, is perhaps not enough to justify forking out the extra cash. Whichever version you choose though, you're in for a great time.