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Lumo (pc game)
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Return of a lost genre

If you have fond memories of the mostly abandoned isometric adventure genre, as best typified by Head Over Heels, Batman, or the Ultimate games like Knight Lore, then you'll definitely want to check out this modern take on the style. This one offers heaps of exploration, puzzles, and adventuring, all mixed up with some lovely visuals, to make a fine romp that will certainly bring a smile to the face of any retro gamers. You play the part of a small, behatted wizard-type character who finds himself lost in a massive dungeon. To help him get out, you're going to have to venture through over four hundred rooms spread across four distinct zones. Each room is a self-contained puzzle in itself so you'll need your best thinking hat on if you want to proceed and the puzzles are a mix of timing, platforming and other such things, making for a good mix of gameplay. There are also several mini-games to find as well as lots of secrets and hidden objects which encourage exploration and taking the road less travelled. Lumo is probably aimed at younger gamers, with its fairly simple gameplay mechanics which are easy to pick up. However, it still offers a lot to older gamers, particularly those with memories of the aforementioned titles, as it is simply so much fun. It's utterly charming thanks to its stylish visuals which are just lovely to look at while the blend of puzzling types is almost perfectly handled and which just keeps you exploring and hoping for more. There are also lots of references to the old-school games which is just the icing on the cake of a little cracker.