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M1 Tank Platoon II (pc game)
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  • Training
  • Intro sequence
  • The map
  • Target identified!
  • Outside camera
  • Shooting
  • Well done!!
  • More enemies in sight
  • It was easy!
  • Control panel view
  • In the seat of your tank
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All that we could ask for from a tank sim

This is another cool tank simulation game (like Battle Zone) which is a sequel to M1 Tank Platoon. The game has much improved graphics as well as multiple campaigns, and multiplayer options. There are also more gaming modes - training missions, single battles, campaigns, and multiplayer games. Other than the various scenarios, you even have a random mission generator that makes the fun last much much longer. The gameplay is very complex and that's why you are awarded with a 100 page game manual that explain armor types, tactics, vehicles and more. Good luck. Well, that only tells us how detail the game really is and how many effort has been put into the making of it. The graphics truly are spectacular and the tanks are modeled exquisitely. The only problem can be that the game can be quite buggy, so you should probably check out some mods and patches online that could fix the problem. Overall, a great tank simulation game that is worthy of its predecessor.