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Magicka: Wizard Wars (pc game)
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Magical fun

Although it's a tad lacking in absolute content and variety, Wizard Wars is a nicely modern take on the classic Chaos kind of idea that has recently proved popular with the Chaos Reborn remake. It's a similarly fantastical concept which pits players against each other in a series of duels and which makes for a nicely strategic little experience. There's little in the way of narrative to get in the way of the action and instead you're presented with a handful of different modes to try out, all of which are variations on the basic theme. You can choose to go for a one-on-one wizard duel against another player, which is a good way to get introduced to the basic ideas, or you can go for a slightly more epic four-on-four mode. The final option is also four-on-four but sees your teams trying to weaken the enemy's base while at the same time running around taking out the wizards, while watching out for friendly fire. You've got a range of spells and suchlike to make use of while there's also a few customization options to round things out. There's certainly a lot to like about Wizard Wars if you're into PvP action, but it does also suffer from a few issues which might put off some players. There's a pretty steep learning curve for starters and it might take some time to build up your skills where you can play competitively. The controls are also less than brilliant but once you get used to things, there's a satisfyingly deep and strategic battle game to enjoy here which offers plenty of fantasy fun.