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Magicmaker (pc game)
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Let's get spelling!

For a bit of light hearted platforming fun that mixes magic and dungeon crawling to mostly enjoyable effect. The main draw here is the huge amount of spell combinations, with over 2 million claimed by the developers, and although this might be a bit of a stretch, there's certainly enough to give the game some nice variety. There's not really much in the way of story here so don't expect a strong narrative experience, and instead the game simply concentrates on providing some fun platforming exploration. You'll bounce your way through a series of side scrolling dungeon-style levels, taking out the various enemies which stand between you and success with the huge array of spells at your disposal. It's these spells which are perhaps the game's most interesting feature and there really is a wild range of combinations to try out. Fancy trying out a supernova inside a black hole or an army of robots? Here, pretty much anything is possible with the only limit being your imagination and your crafting skills. Magicmaker is a simple enough experience but which is a whole lot of fun. It's not particularly deep but it's fast paced and slick, with a wide range of enemies and of course a massive amount of spells. These are well represented with some nicely over-the-top visual effects and which give the game a suitably hectic feel (although the screen does get a little crowded at times). The UI isn't the friendliest system in the world at times, but for the most part customization is fairly straightforward, so overall this is a simple but enjoyable experience.