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Majesty 2 Collection (pc game)
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Conquer the kingdom

The original Majesty is a classic bit of RTS that plays out like Dungeon Keeper mixed with Rollercoaster Tycoon with a fantasy twist. This follow-up is a decent enough game but changes the formula a bit too much for its own good and ends up being a perfectly serviceable game but which lacks the expected magic. In most ways this is a pretty familiar experience, with the usual mix of real-time combat with a number of varied units which must be used carefully in order to crush your enemies into the ground. This pack also includes several add-ons which bring a bunch of new content to the base game, including some fairly extensive story campaigns which are pretty fun and challenging to play through, along with new heroes, spells and units, and even a mission creator. This sequel also looks a look nicer than the original, with some quite stylish 3D visuals that pack a lot of punch in the personality stakes thanks to some nice design work. If you are looking for a simple, slightly unoriginal RTS, then this should just about do the job. It's certainly fun enough in a stripped down way, with some challenging missions that are enjoyable, while there's no denying there's a lot of content in this edition. As mentioned, the visuals are nice too, with sound to match but it's in the dumbed down gameplay that the game falters, and which is likely to limit its appeal to more casual RTS players rather than the hardcore crowd. If you number yourself amongst this former group, then you'll have a good time here but otherwise, consider looking elsewhere.