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Man O' War: Corsair (pc game)
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Man O' War is an early access title that is based on another of Games Workshop's legendary IPs so if you're a fan of their work as seen in games like Space Hulk and Blood Bowl, this might just be worth checking out. As it's still in development, things obviously aren't completely smooth yet but there's a lot of promise here and let's face it, pirates are always cool. If you're not familiar with the original boardgame, Man 'O War lets you set sail around GW's famous fantasy Old World in a cool pirate-style ship while engaging in naval combat with hordes of enemy captains. You'll also need to have your explorer's and trader's hat on as it's not all fighting but watch out for sea monsters and other surprises along the way. You'll get to recruit a crew from various races while there are also heaps of ships and other items to purchase and customize. Combat offers both ship-to-ship battles as well as boarding action which is where your choice of crew and items will come in handy so make sure you purchase wisely. It is still early days with this game but already the basic elements are in play and there's much to enjoy. If you're a fan of Warhammer, then the chance to explore the Old World is a big draw, although the recreation here is perhaps a little simple. The gameplay is a nice mix of elements, with combat that is thrilling and strategic and trading that offers some extra depth but obviously not everything that is intended for the full release is present yet so you might want to wait before buying.