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Mashed: Fully Loaded (pc game)
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  • Dam water
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  • Mashed: Fully Loaded pc game
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  • Machine gun
  • Full speed
  • Bronze Cup
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Get sMashed on track!

Mashed: Fully Loaded is an improved version of the original Mashed, bringing various updates regarding the graphics, the camera control and perspective, better race physics, and it allows the player to race at night or cover the track with very slippery ice. Also, the game adds new tracks, two new cars and some power-ups. Now a tutorial is accessible (six training modes), with 21 single player-challenges and the ice tournament or the challenge cup modes for the racing maniacs that couldn't get enough of the first Mashed. The first missions are simple, but the situation changes as you progress. I guarantee long hours spent in front of your computer trying to become the next Mashed champion. The enemies and the environments vary, so this non-repetitive aspect is worthy of praise. The boredom is not a subject that defines the gameplay, for sure. The car's controls are excellent, everything is intuitive, the vehicle proves its promptness, and many more ingredients will offer a memorable experience for the racing enthusiasts! You will ride against up to three rivals, as you go head-to-head just like in the arena battles, for pure entertainment. See if you can survive the badass races and play Mashed: Fully Loaded!