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May Club (vr-date simulator may-club) (pc game)
4.28 out of 5 (220 votes)
  • Thi is the entrance of the May club
  • The virtual reality machine you're going to use
  • Here the first girl you'll meet
  • Here another woman, very cute one
  • Meeting Akiho at the station
  • She gets upset easily!
  • Meeting Keiko again
  • This is your bedroom
  • No one in the street at this time
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Okay! Let's go!
  • Well, I lied!
  • Game title screen
  • So, you're a singer?
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Good interaction, good hentai pics

Here you are again, Hajime Kudo, a young japanese graduate who is looking for something to turn his life. You started a new job but you feel you need something different, maybe a girlfriend. By chances you will receive an invitation for a strange new thing, a virtual dating simulator called May-Club and you decide to give it a try... this is the sinopsys of this game, that is known also as Vr-date simulator (in Japan, at least). This game is quite more different from other bishojo game out there, it's not hentai 3 Sisters' story, altough it's neither True Love dating game. There is quite good element of interaction and it's represented by the tickets you have to access to this May club and the fact there is a real calendar keeping track of the activities you'll do. Based on the time you will go in this place you will meet different girls and you will be in different situations. Sure, the final goal is to date virtually girls and see good hentai (quite good, indeed), but the possibilities you will have make this replayable several time. Also, the game endings are different, based on what you will decide during the game and the choices you'll do. Definetely you have to download and play it if you like the genre.