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MechoEcho (pc game)
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Short but sweet

While MechoEcho is an undeniably attractive and clever little game which mixes block building, robots, and puzzling to great effect, it's also a little too short for its price, making it a tough one to recommend unless you can get it in a sale. There is actually a sort of story here, a kind of riff on Lawnmower Man and other cyberpunk classics, and which finds you waking up in a computer simulation after having witnessed the end of the world. What then follows is a series of thirty levels which consist of a series of puzzles to overcome. This is achieved first by a little exploration but mostly by constructing robots and other devices which you then use to get past the obstacles. The narrative is very much understated and continues under the surface while you solve these puzzles while the whole thing is told via some very stylish, slick and well done visuals, with an accompanying and suitably low-key soundtrack. MechoEcho is certainly a very clever little game at its heart and for lovers of Besieged or for younger gamers it might be worth a look. The puzzles on offer here are clever and satisfying to solve, with some interesting mechanics to work with. However, there's only thirty levels, with ten being tutorials, so in all likelihood, it's not going to take most players that long to see everything on offer here. The addition of a sandbox mode, more levels, or an editor would have made this much more appealing and it can only be hoped that some or all of these features are added down the line. Until then though, be wary of picking this up at full price.