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Medal of Honor: Warfighter (pc game)
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For honor

Warfighter is the most recent offering in the extensive series of Medal of Honor games, and which started out as World War II shooters like the Call of Duty series but which have gradually moved into the modern era. This one isn't a great game though, and suffers from a lack of identity and polish that means it's only really for the diehard military shooter fan. This one continues from the previous game, with the main characters moving on to a new mission in Afghanistan and although it starts out simply enough, things soon go pear-shaped and they find themselves in a globetrotting quest to track down the supplier of a deadly explosive. What follows is a fairly typical military shooter that is particularly similar to its predecessor. There's the usual mix of weapons, missions and gear to make use of, while there is a bit of a mix between stealth and all-out action. There's a multiplayer mode too, based around different factions from around the world, and with the usual array of modes to play through. If all this sounds familiar, then it's because it doesn't really do anything different from any other game in the genre. Despite this, it's enjoyable enough if you're into this sort of thing, with plenty of action to keep you entertained. The story is typical stuff, but should just about keep you paying attention, although it's not exactly classic stuff. The visuals are decent but not spectacular, while there's a few too many glitches and lack of general polish to make this more than something to spend a few hours on.