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Mega Man 3 (mega man 3: the robots are revolting) (pc game)
3.7 out of 5 (10 votes)
  • Developer screen
  • Beginning the adventure
  • No, that's a wall
  • Messing around in the sewers
  • Taking out the bad guys
  • I am not a fan of water
  • Where to now?
  • Why can't I shoot you?
  • Bouncy bouncy
  • Um, where did I go?
  • You can't hide from me!
  • Taking on the boss
  • Got 'im!
  • Swimming
  • Spikes are bad for your health
  • This guy is a pain to kill
  • Wonder what is at the end of the cave
  • Surprise !
  • Lovely view
  • The treasure of the debts
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Mega Man 3 is included in this package:

Semi-Mega Man

This is not the Mega Man III from Capcom. There's no Protoman, no Magnet Man, no Top Spin, and no Rush. This is a separate continuity, like the game boy series. There are options for CGA and Tandy monitors. That should give you some perspective of what computer this game was originally designed for. Nevertheless, it's Mega Man stripped down to it's bare bones. The standard of having bosses with themed stages, beat a boss and gain his weapon, and each boss is vulnerable to another's particular weapon. At the end, there's Doctor Wily, and you have to fight all the bosses again. It's actually much easier than the other Mega Man games in the main continuity. It's almost like a "training" version of the game, or "mega man lite". Just be sure you have DOS Box or another DOS emulator to make the game run at the appropriate speed. Otherwise your computer will run the game at insanely fast, unplayable speeds. This game will probably satisfy players in need of a longer platformer or want a new Mega Man fix. It's just a rather unremarkable and uninspired entry into a great series. They can't all be winners. It's nowhere near my favorite, but it's still Mega Man.