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Mega Man 4 (pc game)
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  • The hero in the rain
  • Falling into the sand pit
  • The title menu screen
  • In the cloud level
  • Fighting the mechanical whale underwater
  • Dodging the cannons
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Let's go mega!

The Mega Man series is another of Capcom's best-loved series, standing alongside things like Strider as fine examples of their mastery of the arcade genre, although it does have to be said that many of the games are quite similar to one another. If you can get past this fact though, there's a lot of old-school action/platforming fun to be had with the franchise and this fourth instalment is no exception. The story is surprisingly complex for such a game and takes place some time after the previous game with Dr. Wily declared dead and everyone else living in peace. However, Mega Man now finds himself the target of eight Robot Masters under the control of the mysterious Dr. Cossack, who blames him for kidnapping his daughter. He now has to find the daughter while facing off against the Robot Masters and numerous other bad guys. The gameplay is typical stuff for the series, with eight levels to traverse, defeating enemies and the main bosses and acquiring their weapons as you go. You've got a new Mega Buster charged weapon while your dog can also be transformed to access new areas but apart from that it's business as usual. Mega Man 4 really isn't much different from its predecessors so if you're expecting something radically different, you're going to be disappointed. However, if all you want is more perfectly designed platforming action, then you're in for a treat. The levels are all well implemented and laid out superbly, and act as a masterclass in level design. The visuals are classic stuff and there's plenty of challenge here so if you like to kick it old-school, this is the way to go.