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Mega Man Legends (pc game)
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  • Let's see if they have new merchandise
  • I want some action!
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The 3D graphics here are great

It is a classic RPG shooter game which is part of a famous series. The plot in this game is that you are a treasure digger who was taken care from his childhood by a man who was himself a digger. The old man also has a granddaughter. Now you all three will set of a voyage and on the way you will counter an accident which damages your ship and forces you to land on an island. The island is also known to have a vast treasure and therefore you have decided to search for the treasure. You as the young boy in the game known as Rock will be doing the hunt and will interact with people and find clues so that you can run into the underground ruins where the treasure is supposed to be. Well it's not a safe journey as you will counter other diggers for the same hunt and will be facing different obstacles and enemies such as robots. You have the ability to run and shoot simultaneously. The 3D graphics allow you to explore all the dimensions in the game and you can also change the mode to a FPS mode for countering some enemies. The controls are also wonderful and the gameplay is simply awesome. The whole series of this game is pure fun but I especially like this version and the Mega Man 2.