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Mega Man X5 (rockman x5) (pc game)
4.09 out of 5 (22 votes)
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Game menu
  • Introduction sequence
  • Starting first stage
  • Game started!
  • The car is attacking!
  • Watch out those rocks
  • Using that one to shoot
  • Difficult stage
  • Are you alright?
  • Figthing against the boss
  • Going for it
  • Again against boss of this stage
  • Some instruction
  • Selecting next stage
  • Jumping and shooting
  • Climbing the stair
  • Wait for it to come down
  • Help the anime-robot
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Rockman to the rescue!

The Mega Man X games are something of a spinoff from the main Mega Man series of classic platformers, but the main difference is in the darker nature of the storylines, with most of the much loved platforming elements still in place. The spinoffs are generally well received and manage to keep to the spirit of the original series while adding in new narrative elements to create some highly entertaining games. This fifth entry sticks to the formula but brings some new ideas and is also well worth a look. You might be a bit lost in terms of story if this is your first X game, so it's not the ideal jumping on point, but if you are familiar with the plotlines, you'll find X and Zero facing off once more with Sigma, as a virus-infected colony heads towards Earth on a collision course. Gameplay is similar to other entries or titles like Strider and Ghosts & Goblins, and the game is basically a scrolling platformer, where you'll jump, swing and blast your way through a series of challenging levels, and which are punctuated by some pretty serious boss battles. This sense of familiarity is perhaps the game's biggest fault, as it doesn't deviate much from the well established formula. However, it remains enjoyable enough and there are a few new elements to keep things from feeling completely stale. The visuals are lovely if you're into that old-school vibe, with some great sprites and environments to enjoy. The difficulty level is a bit wonky but apart from this, X5 is a solid enough platformer that only disappoints in its lack of innovation.

Another one bites the dust

Fifth in the X series, Mega man is just one of many, many games from a long running series that totals over 100 games to this day, not including mobile and PSP versions. As all Mega Man games, X5 is fast paced, dynamic and full of gripping action. You control Zero across spiked floors, on elevators, platforms, running, jumping, slashing and destroying everything in it's sight, in the quest of defeating the Maverick. In an mecha fashion unique for Japan, the whole game looks like it jumped out of a mecha anime series. It has great art and fantastic animation, followed by dynamic music that makes the excitement all the bigger. All in all, the game sticks to the standard Mega Man formula almost two decades old. Wether that is a good thing or a bad one, will be your call. Personally, I like it. If it's not bad, why change it? If you liked the Mega Man series so far and don't like changes, you will likely love the game. If you're sick and tired of the same game over and over again, feel free to skip this one. Your call.