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Megabyte Punch (pc game)
5 out of 5 (1 votes)
  • Nice duel just in front of some trees
  • Deeper detail of those robots fighting
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A combination of fighter and platformer with a visual theme

Megabyte Punch will immediately remind you of the robot fighting TV shows that you might have seen while young. The game is an interesting blend of platforming adventure in which beat em up mechanics make the bulk of the fighting. So, while the gameplay can be easily categorized, what keeps this game in the limelight is the very interesting visual style, a combination of steam punk, electro as well as some stylizations that will remind you of Tron. Plus, the music is conducive to the same atmosphere of futuristic battles, as the soundtrack makes use of beat heavy electro dance. A really cool ability, that almost seems to be stolen from games a world apart, graphically and thematically, the NES classic Kirby's Dream Land, after defeating an opponent you can incorporate their powers. This further enhances the diversity of the gameplay and makes the game a lot more long lived, as the tactical advantages and disadvantages of fitting your warrior with new abilities keeps you on your toes. A few other games that this borrows ideas from could be Super Smash Bros as well as Mega Man only that the looks, the styling is modern and a lot more dynamic.