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Men of War: Assault Squad GOTY Edition (pc game)
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War? What is it good for?

The Men of War series is a pretty decent set of real-time tactics games which mix action and strategy to enjoyable effect, with Men of War: Vietnam being perhaps the best in the series. This one, which is actually one of the earlier entries, is close on its heels though, especially in its GOTY edition so if you are after some military thrills, this should deliver in spades. What you have here is the base game, plus a bunch of extras but it is the game itself which is the main draw here. If you're unacquainted with the original, this is essentially a real-time tactics game which is intended mainly as a multi-player experience. There are fifteen scenarios to play through, and which are heavily inspired by real WWII events and which feature five factions to play as or fight against. The goal is generally to take over your enemies' bases, with control giving you points. The side which reaches a predetermined amount of points is declared the victor and you must make use of every unit at your disposal if you want to win. There is a distinct element of realism on display here, with tank battles for example occurring at greater distances than is often the case. There are plenty of tactical opportunities on offer here, such as the ability to use hero units and air strikes, while vehicles can be controlled directly to add to the fun. Men of War really is a pretty decent take on the genre and offers all the strategic challenge and depth you could ask for. The variety of units on offer is impressive, the missions are varied and the graphics nicely detailed so all in all, you could do worse than take a look here.