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Fight the war on a new front

The Men of War series boasts a fairly consistent line-up of games which present a nice mix of military strategy/action from various periods in history. The games don't really differ much in terms of actual gameplay, but manage to be enjoyable enough nonetheless and which are well worth checking out if you're into Hidden & Dangerous or similar games. Red Tide is actually an expansion pack for the original game in the franchise and if you've played and enjoyed that one, then this is definitely worth a look. The base gameplay is obviously the same, with the player taking control of various units and sending them off on dangerous missions during WWII. Missions require successful completion of objectives in order to progress as well as a healthy does of strategy and planning. This expansion pack throws in some of the war's lesser known battles as playable environments, with campaigns for Romania and Italy on the Eastern Front as well as a few other notable moments from history. Red Tide is mainly focused on providing Men of War fans with more of what they like and in this respect it can be considered pretty successful. The new campaigns are as compelling as ever and although the gameplay hasn't changed much, when it's this good, there's no real need to. The visuals remain as detailed as ever, with plenty of highly destructible environments to explore, while there's a good variety of units to explore them with. If you haven't played a Men of War game before, this is a standalone product, making it easy to get into, and is well worth a look whether you're a veteran or not.