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Men of War: Vietnam Special Edition (pc game)
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Good morning Vietnam!

The Men of War series is a pretty extensive set of real-time tactics games that offer plenty of destructive fun mixed in with historical strategy. This one doesn't differ greatly from its predecessors in terms of gameplay or mechanics, but changes the setting to Vietnam to mix things up and remains an enjoyable experience for fans of Hidden & Dangerous. Players can choose to take control of either the US of Vietcong forces, with extensive campaigns for both sides and with some very different challenges offered by the two sides. Battles range from being small-scale affairs featuring just a few units, to epic-scale battles with hundreds of troops fighting it out. Individual missions usually have several different objectives to complete, making them highly strategic affairs that require a lot of thought to complete but which are rarely less than entertaining. There's no base building to worry about here, and it's simply a case of sending your troops into the fray and giving out orders on the fly so that they take key strategic points or wipe out the enemy. One of the game's most impressive features is the detailed damage system which means that scenery blows up in glorious and spectacular fashion. If you've played any of the other games in the series, you'll know exactly what to expect here and while there's nothing new here really, it is all executed with style and slickness. The visuals are detailed and atmospheric, really bringing the battlezone to life, while the missions are engaging and exciting in equal measure, making this a good choice for gamers looking for action and strategy.