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Metal Marines Master edition (pc game)
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  • Bill Garland
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A unique real time RPG game

It is another excellent RPG game which is real fun and competition because of the great depth in options and the delirious pace of the gameplay. The first notable feature that it has is its fantastic and colorful graphics which are neat and smooth. Similarly you have some good voices in the game along with a unique and neatly designed interface. The plot is futuristic and frightening. An antimatter technology has been developed in the 23rd century to give the earth cheap and easy source of energy from the colonies in space. The antimatter can however be used a source of power through which one can cause destruction and that's what it actually did as it was stolen by terrorists. Major cities and areas of the earth have been destroyed and it is now left with many islands. Seeing the earth in a vulnerable condition, the colonies in the space with their forces have attacked earth and the remaining leaders of earth have united to set up their force to counter the invaders. You will command the forces on earth and will use of wide variety of custom options for this purpose. The best trait in this game is its unique interface which has not been seen in any of the games of that time.