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Metersteiner Beer Manager (pc game)
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  • This place is perfect for my beer business
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Great simulation, Good theme, Fine vareity

It is a very good management simulation with a theme which at least I have not seen with other games. The unique theme here is that you will have to build and manage a brewing empire in Germany which is obviously known for its good quality beer. The spectrum of your empire will be large as you will start with $ 4 million capital as you set on course to become a big brewing tycoon in the country. You will have to build different brewing facilities in the different cities and towns of the country and have to manage all the resources and dynamics such as personnel, retailers, transportation and quality. The greatest aspect in the game is that you have to build your empire in around 40 years' time and the credit line that you are given at the start i.e. $ 4 million needs to be dealt with as well. If you continue to exceed the credit limit that you are given for a continuous period of 3 months, you will face bankruptcy and it will be game over. A very interactive UI is what will enable you to avail all the options of the gameplay and the graphics are fair enough for a smooth and clear gameplay. Games like Capitalism 2 and this one has still got a good fan base because they have the element of interest which others game lack.