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The original Metro 2033 and its sequel Metro: Last Light are a pair of superb first person shooters set in the frighteningly realistic near future and which combine survival horror with a gripping narrative to wonderful effect. This is the updated version of the first game, which gives it a lovely new lick of paint and adds in a few new game modes to give players a bit more incentive to pick it up. The story remains the same, and sees players exploring a devastated Earth, where humans are restricted to living underground, making only the occasional foray to the surface to scavenge for resources. The world is also now inhabited by terrifying mutant creatures, which stalk the underground passageways and the surface and most of your time will be spent exploring and battling this vicious beasts. There's the usual array of weapons to find, but bullets are scarce and you're forced to think carefully about every firefight, making this a game which is both tense and exciting. The main enhancements here are to the visuals, and this version certainly does look stunning, with plenty of gorgeous lighting and weather effects, and some silky smooth animation. There are also some challenging new modes which really test your skills but these are perhaps only for the hardcore player. This remains a first class experience though, which has benefited hugely from its graphical overhaul. The game is now even more claustrophobic and terrifying than before and proves to be a genuinely harrowing experience that is well worth adding to your collection.