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Can you survive?

Although you might find this game labelled as 'survival horror' it's a far cry from adventures like Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark. Instead, it's more of a survival/exploration game which happens to include a few creepy and unsettling moments but which lacks the mindbending narratives and all-out shocks of the aforementioned titles. It's a difficult game to like initially but if you persevere, it becomes more appealing, although there are a few rough edges which are difficult to ignore. You're placed in the shoes of an individual who is stranded and alone in a strange land and who also happens to be infected with plague. As you explore the hostile surroundings, you'll find yourself being stalked by a mysterious creature adding to your problems of finding food and shelter in order to survive. One of your first challenges is just mapping out the island and this in itself is quite a puzzle and you'll need to use real world survival skills in order to achieve this. Such a concept continues into other elements of the game and once you get used to this semi-realistic approach, it all becomes quite enthralling. It does take time to warm to Miasmata, as it initially seems a bit remote and abstract, with little in the way of guidance as to what you actually have to do. It's not an easy game either, but if you're up to the challenge, it does become very rewarding, and you'll feel a real sense of accomplishment as you survive another day. With some well detailed graphics adding to the immersive atmosphere, this is a good choice if you're after something unusual.