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Micro League Baseball: The Manager's Challenge (pc game)
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  • Micro Systems International
  • Select visiting team
  • Dodger Stadium
  • Micro League Baseball: The Manager's Challenge pc game
  • Start playing
  • International Walk
  • Curve Ball
  • Pitch around
  • Fast ball
  • Slider
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Baseball manager; old but playable

Micro League Baseball: The Manager's Challenge is a baseball management game, and a pretty solid one, yet with very old clothes, that are evident both in the way the controls work as well as in the graphics. As such, you will need to really lower your expectations a lot, if you are to be able to play this and actually have some fun out of it. Otherwise, it's just going to aggravate you. One of the things that is a little unnerving is that a lot of the content is text based, but a few options are graphics; which raises the question of why it isn't all delivered with more moderns controls. But then again, after you get used to the controls, you will find the game to be pretty playable, and also feature complete. There are even some primitive tool tips, offering you a lot of useful aid here and there, that will keep you playing so well. So, all in all, Micro League Baseball: The Manager's Challenge is a sweet, playable, always exciting game, that will surely not disappoint. Similarly, download Micro League Baseball 4, which ups the ante significantly, and makes it all play a lot better.