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Micropede (pc game)
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  • Die, centipede!
  • Main menu screen
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Centipede like' sheet the bugs and the centipede

Micropede is a shooter game, with a top down interface and a very arcade feel to it all, similar to Centipede, Thus, each level you get a screen where a centipede creature roams about. It is also aided by some smaller creatures, though these too can be quite as deadly if they shoot you or if you touch you. Thus, you have to both be quick, have distributive attention, on one hand being aware of your own position on the screen, and also, be aware of where the fire is coming from. Also, the centipede has certain weak spots that need to be shot at specifically, so you can't always shoot it in just one spot all the time; you have to thus combine mobility with fast shooting and an eye for rogue fire. Quality wise, Micropede is an alright game; it controls great, it looks well enough, with its 2D 16bit graphics and it has some cool music. It is a fair game, from all points of view and a good remake/remix of Centipede, reason why it's worth having in your collection, for long plays or for short 5 minute breaks.