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Microsoft Bob (pc game)
4.2 out of 5 (10 votes)
  • In the barn
  • A guided tour of Bob's home
  • Rover's ramblings talking to you
  • Looking around your desk office space
  • In the Bob's log cabin
  • How do you want to change the books?
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Not worth trying

Microsoft has been very successful with most of its projects but it has not been the case with this house management game. The theme was though a unique one and had a good feel to it but the execution failed and the game did not manage to make any sort of fan base. The plot is that you have to manage a household program which involves doing a lot of activities for routine work to manage a verity of different events that normally happen in a household's life. You have a calendar, a To Do List and a password protected Diary to keep a check on the things which need to be done. The game being from a giant has a good combination of graphics but the gameplay has not been much inviting because somehow it is quite boring and simple. They have not managed to induce fun in it because such games need this factor to bind the users' interest. Similarly the dialogues are not that good either but the UI is easy. The personal guide in the game has also not been designed well. I have found Alien Arcade quite better than this one and I am sure you will also love playing it.