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MiG-21 Interceptor (pc game)
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If you've got a copy of Combat Flight Simulator 2 or Flight Simulator 2002 floating around and you're looking for a reason to pick either of them up again, then this might be just what you're looking for. Interceptor is an add-on pack for the two aforementioned flight sims which does pretty much what you would expect it to, given the game. It's a pretty decent expansion too, and with the features included here you should have a good time. You're basically given a couple of different versions of the titular combat aircraft, each of which handles differently and gives its own unique flying experience. If you're playing this with CFS2, then you're going to get the best value for money, as you also have around twenty all-new missions to fly, plus a few extras like new airbase scenery, some additional non-flyable planes, and of course detailed cockpits visuals and suchlike for your own new plane. The missions on offer here are mostly decent ones, with a good variety of styles and which are very challenging, thanks to the inclusion of the new enemy craft and the overall level of enemy intelligence. The visuals too are fairly impressive, with a good level of detail and some immersive sound effects which really bump up the sense of flying the Interceptor. The controls are equally as detailed and authentic but not so complex as to be completely overwhelming to anyone but the most extreme of flight simulator fans, so if you're new to combat games, you should be OK here. Overall, it's perhaps not the best sim out there, but it's enjoyable enough.